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SAR Prescott AZ

Left to Right Captain Bill Smith Christopher Francis Tucson, Dan Thompson Palo Verde, Michael Holmes Prescott, Dan Jones Palo Verde, Rick Collins President Tucson Chapter

Prescott's SAR Color Guard Rocks!

Front row, left to right Matt Scott, Steve Monez, Wayne Hood, Steve Miller. Second row Gerry Lawford, Ed Lipphardt, Rudy Byrd.  Third row Bill Smith, Christopher Francis, Dan Thompson, Michael Holmes, Dan Evans, Rick Collins. Banner carriers, Michael Morgan, Trevor Huber, both Eagle Scouts. Last Row Camp Followers Sandy Lawford, and Barbara Collins.

Sandy Lawford and Barb Collins from Tucson Joined the parade.

July 4th, 2017
SAR Leads the Annual Prescott Parade

We were honored this year to be leading the Annual Fourth of July Prescott Parade.  This is a National Parade thanks to Past State President George Lipphardt.  He marched with us on the Fourth July in 2015 and thought this was the most Patriotic town.  At that time, no parades west of the Mississippi were considered national parades.  He took his message back to congress that year.   Congress established Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and many others as National parades in our part of the country.

This year because of our lead many Color Guard Members joined the Prescott Color Guard from as far away as Tucson.   What an honor to be out front and it should be as this event celebrates our Declaration of Independence.  Our ancestors were there to establish the founding of our country through the War for Independence.
Steve Monez
AZ State President

July 4th, 2017
SAR Leads the Annual Prescott Parade

Captain Bill Smith

Color Guard